Take the Dip

Have what it takes to take the plunge?  It’s simple!   

Whether you are a first timer or an annual jumper we are excited you have chosen to help make this year bigger than the last. Since this event is part of a non-profit organization there is no cost to take the dip. We do however encourage all jumpers to take a pledge sheet to help raise funds for Feed Nova Scotia and other local charities.

Donations can be collected by cash using the pledge form that will be handed in on the day of the event or by online donations. 

Some things you need to do before the jump:

  1. Pre-register for this years event. This helps our volunteers prepare and set up for a smooth jump.
  2. Print, sign and bring the waiver and disclaimer form to the event.
  3. When fundraising please use the pledge form. This will help us issue income tax receipts. 

You’ll feel nothing but warm and fuzzy inside after your jump knowing you have helped your fellow Haligonians while being part of this growing community event.

When: January 1, 2020 at 12 pm

Where: Registration will take place at St. Paul’s Parish Hall starting at 10am. The jump will take place at Government Wharf in Herring Cove


2020 Schedule of Events

  1. Please park your vehicles at the school on St. Pauls Avenue, just around the corner from St. Paul’s Church Hall. 
  2. Registration starts at 10am (coffee, hot chocolate and snacks available)
  3. We will collect all pledge sheets and funds raised for Feed NS, and other local food banks
  4. You must sign the waiver and receive a number in order to jump.
  5. We will leave the church hall when the PIPER is ready to lead us down to the Wharf at 11:45 or so and start jumping at 12pm.
  6. We will sing O’Canada at the wharf
  7. There will be 20 jumpers in a group. Each group will be notified when to change in the boat house to prepare for the dip.
  8. Wear something on your feet while you wait to jump (crocs or boots)
  9. The FIRE DEPT is in charge of the jump, once you get in line they will tell you when you can jump, climb up the ladder, next person, etc/
  10. Once you have finished your jump go to the boathouse and change clothes.
  11. Go to St. Pauls Church hall for hot coffee, music and warm hugs!



The top 3 people who raise the most money will be awarded prizes at the closing ceremony at St. Paul’s Church Hall.


Safety Tips

The Fire Department are on-site for emergency medical response and to ensure jumpers enter and exit the water one at a time. 

Tips to keep you warm and safe:

  • We ask if you have heart or other serious medical conditions please support and cheer on the jumpers on the sidelines.
  • This is a dry event. We ask that no alcohol is consumed as it accelerates hypothermia.
  • Stay warm and wear footwear until it’s your turn to jump.
  • Warm up as quickly as possible after you have jumped with hot drinks, warm clothing and warm hugs!
  • If you feel unwell from cold water exposure seek medical help immediately.