About Us

The Herring Cove Polar Bear Dip started in 1994 in a garage with some local Herring Covers jumping off the wharf for the fun of it!  This polar bear dip has grown so much that it can no longer hold the capacity in a garage and has since been relocated to St. Paul's Church Hall. With word of mouth, dedicated jumpers, volunteers and support of the community we have been growing this organization to be one of the coolest events in Halifax.  

In recent years this event has become more formalized and has become a very successful fundraiser.  Money raised has been donated to Feed Nova Scotia as well as other local charities.

In 2015, the Herring Cove Polar Bear Dip was registered as a non-profit charity and a board of local community members has been formed in order to continue the tradition of running a safe, fun, and worthwhile fundraising event!